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ACI-KC Third International Conference and Exhibition

ACI-KC third international conference and exhibition was held in Kuwait on 8th - 10th May, 2012. The theme for the conference is, "Towards the Development of Resilient Sustainable Buildings and Structures."

In addition to four keynote presentations, twenty three scientific papers were accepted for presentation and are ,included in the conference proceedings. Dissemination and exchange of knowledge and information are the main goals and objectives of the American Concrete, Institute- Kuwait Chapter, as information and knowhow are the backbone of technology development and industry improvement.

ACI-KC, organized the ACI-KC First International Conference held in September 2003. Also, the ACI-KC Second International Conference was held in March 2007 and was attended by speakers from 15 different and diverse countries. Several papers are related to the Conference theme were presented in the sessions which covered the following aspects:
  • Low carbon design of structures and buildings
  • Recycling and Sustainable Building Materials
  • Management and utilization of Natural resources
  • Design aspects for resilience and sustainability
  • Codes related to Design and Sustainability
  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Structures
  • Durability of Concrete structures
  • Resilience and sustainability in Hot Weather
  • Design of resilient, safe and reliable structures
  • Condition assessment of concrete structures
Authors are from Kuwait, USA, Kosovo, Egypt, Iran, Libya, UAE, Oman, Algeria, India, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Jordon.

The keynote speakers are Prof. Sameer Hamoush Chairman of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department, North Carolina Agricultural Technical University and Prof. Ahmed Essawy, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.

Their presentations were entitled, "Construction Materials Bio-based Additives" and "Value Engineering Applications in Concrete Structures: Concepts, Implementation and Case Studies", respectively.

In addition to two ACI-KC past presidents; Prof. Khaldoun Rahal, Kuwait University and Prof. Moetaz El-Hawary, the Scientific Committee chairman and proceeding editor.

The presentations titles were, "Common Inadequate Practices in Construction and Design of Small Size RC Structures in Kuwait" and "Sustainability Requirements and Recommendations According to ACI", in order.

The conference was held under the patronage and the presence of Dr. Fadel Safar, Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs.

ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Excellence
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Achievement
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project

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