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Jahra Road Project

At its Awards Banquet held on 16th May,2017, ACI-Kuwait Chapter presented one further award. This was a special award for an infrastructure project, and it was presented to a major urban highway improvement project.

Special Award

The special award was presented to the Ministry of Public Works for its Jahra Road Project, which was recognized as a major urban highway improvement scheme that utilized innovative concrete based structural technology, and involved complex logistical and implementation solutions.

Project Aims

Drivers in Kuwait are familiar with the frustrations of negotiating congested roads, and amongst the many contenders for roadways with the worst traffic problems, were Jahra Road (Road 80) and Jamal Abdul Nasser Street (Road 85).

The Ministry identified these as high priorities and this led to an ambitious plan, worth almost KD 520 million, to undertake major upgrading and redevelopment of these two critical roadways.

The Jahra Road Project, for which this special award is being presented, extends from Jahra Gate (Sheraton Roundabout) to just after the United Nations Roundabout located at the western end of 4th Ring Road.

The development objectives were obvious in that MPW wanted to improve traffic flow and management by separating local and through traffic, introducing free interchanges, improve capacity, reduce congestion, introduce more safety for drivers, and generally raise levels of service for road users.

This became the design brief for the international and local design and supervision consultants appointed by MPW namely Louis Berger Group Inc. and PACE of Kuwait.

Project Scope

 •  Over 100 km of combined utility works
 •  18 km of segmented viaducts
 •  0.62 km of depressed roads
 •  2 roundabout bridges
 •  10 pedestrian bridges
 •  5 km at grade roadworks 15 km of service roads
 •  5 interchanges
 •  7 roundabouts
 •  Utility works
 •  Box culverts : 3.5 km
 •  Water lines : 33 km
 •  Sanitary servers : 8.0 km
 •  Electric cables : 51.0 km
 •  Communication ducts : 12.0 km

Construction and Technical Features

Given the context within which Jahra Road is being upgraded and its route, various design solutions and components were introduced these included:

  •   Separation of through and local traffic
  •   Elevated Motorways
  •   Enhanced roundabouts
  •   Depressed roads
  •   Ramped connections on Elevated Motorways
  •   Use of precast segments for Elevated Motorways

A major component of these works is the segmental bridge, with the project comprising about 8400 precast segments and about 4600 piers.

The viaduct and bridges are built in short but huge sections called segments, which in turn come with complex logistical issues. Launchers or cranes hoist these segments on to cast-in-situ columns or piers; and post-tensioning is thereafter typically used to connect the individual elements and form a composite structure.

Segments are sequentially erected on either side of the pier in cantilever and are held together with a combination of temporary and permanent post-tensioning.

The Award was presented to:
  • Developer
  • Ministry of Public Works
Certificates and plaques were presented to:
  • General Contractor
  • The Arab Contractors, Egypt
    Kuwait Arab Contractors

  • Design and Supervision Consultant
  • Louis Berger Group, Inc.
    PACE, Kuwait

  • Main Concrete Supplier
  • National Industries Company

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ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project
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