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Dr. Naji Al Mutairi

The 2016 Award of Achievement was presented to
Dr. Naji Al Mutairi for his "lifetime contribution towards promoting engineering and advance technology research, development and practices within the State of Kuwait".

Academic Background

He was born in Kuwait in 1959, and after finishing high school here, he started his university education with a pre-year at the University of Pittsburgh in USA.

He then joined Brevard Community College in Florida, and moved on to the University of Miami.

There, in only 3 years, he topped his graduating class acquiring dual B.Sc. degrees, in Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering. His Masters degree was obtained at the highly rated Pennsylvania State University, followed by, again the second time of only 2 years, with a doctorate in 1989 from University of Maryland.

His Ph.D. focused on experimental work in bridge construction and new systems in welded-mesh technology.

KISR and Free Kuwait

He was born in Kuwait in 1959, and after finishing high school here, he started his university education with a pre-year at the University of Pittsburgh in USA.

He then joined Department of Civil Engineering, at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and while there he was selected for a management course at the famed Batelle Memorial Institute in Ohio.

He travelled there with his family in July 1990, and they were in USA when Kuwait was invaded. What followed was understandably a stressful time. But as a true patriot, he committed himself to the ‘Free Kuwait’ movement, ultimately joining the American Army and receiving training with the 22nd Platoon in Saudi Arabia.Following the liberation of Kuwait, and his triumphant return, he rejoined KISR where he was involved in conducting research on building materials and construction systems.

An early highlight of his time at KISR was the first postliberation international conference which focused on sickbuildings, essentially examining the effects of the invasion, war and fires on buildings and oil containers.


Following service at KISR as Director of the Engineering Division, and later of Environment and Urban Development, he joined Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences where he remained for seven years.

At KFAS he was instrumental in the implementation of Dasman Diabetic Centre, and in reshaping and automising KISR’s operational strategy and internal work systems.

It was while he was at KFAS that he also became the Founding Member of ACI-Kuwait Chapter.

Director General of KISR

In 2007, he was appointed Director General of KISR, and his major achievement here was to strategise a comprehensive change in the Institute’s operations and objectives, by formulating a 20 year plan focusing on more research, international collaboration and increased training.

A particular highlight at KISR that he proudly talks about is his personal plea to His Highness the Amir, on a flight to Japan, to support Fukushima’s renowned Aquarium that was damaged during the 2011 earthquake there. His Highness donated $ 3.0 m for this project.

He currently is the Principal Research Scientist at KISR. Away from work he continues devoting time to voluntary work, professional organisation; youth development, environmental issues, and promoting education and training. He enjoys a range of sports, including camel riding.

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