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 2017 - 2018

Mr. Aziz Mamuji Dr. Saud Al Otaibi
Mr. Aziz Mamuji
Vice President
Dr. Saud Al Otaibi
Mr. Bader Al-Salman Dr. Moetaz El-Hawary Mr. Mousa Al-Sarraf
Past President
Mr. Bader Al-Salman
Past President
Dr. Moetaz El-Hawary
Past President
Mr. Mousa Al-Sarraf
Mr. Abdul Wahab Rumani Mr. Mansoor Rao Dr. Khaldoun Rahal
Director / Treasurer
Mr. Abdul Wahab
Director / Secretary
Mr. Mansoor Rao
Dr. Khaldoun Rahal
Mr. Hasan Kamal Dr. Zafer Sakka Dr. Hisham AbdelFattah
Mr. Hasan Kamal
Dr. Zafer Sakka
Dr. Hisham AbdelFattah


  1. Know the chapter's mission, policies, programs, services, strengths, and needs.

  2. Perform competently. Apply prudent standards.

  3. Suggest condidates to run for the Board.

  4. Be willing to accept special assignments and leadership roles.

  5. Resist rumor and pre-judgements.

  6. Keep up wih developments in the industry and in the chapter.

  7. Bring a sense of humor to the Board's work.

  8. Prepare for meetings and show up.

  9. Ask good questions. Press your own convictions, but be prepared to support the mojority decision.

  10. Maintain confidentiality and speak for the Board only when authorized to do so.

  11. Suggest agenda items for consideration.

  12. Serve the organization as a whole, rather than a special interest group.

  13. Avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest and say something when there appears to be a conflict.

  14. Listen to your personal sense of fairness.

  15. Never accept gifts from people who do business with the chapter.

  16. Be prudent in the control and transfer of funds.

  17. Read the financial reports.

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