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Al-Tijaria Tower visit

The Social Committee of the ACI-KC organized a field visit to the would be one of the famous towers in Kuwait called the Al-Tijaria Tower. Located at Al-Sour road, overlooking Al Shaheed Garden, the property outline is polygon, tapered toward the north. It measures 103 m in length and varies between 32 to 64m in width, with a total area of about 4,300 m2, and a built-up area of about 63,400 m2, of which about 33,400 m2 are rentable.

Also known as the Kuwait Trade Center (KTC), it is a special tower building that stands uniquely in termsof its architecture and the services and utilities it will be offering to the public.

Excellently designed, it will become one of those high-rise buildings in the country.

The KTC is intended to be a landmark in the business heart of Kuwait city, rising to about 218.2 m in the city sky, a 42-storey twist tower, of composite concrete, of a structural steel main structure, clad in custom made glazed curtain walls and topped with a 13-storey glazed metal crown.

The lower part is a podium, of 4 levels of retail shops, in addition to a health club, a swimming pool and a leisure deck on top of the podium.

The building rests on continuous solid reinforced concrete raft, 270-cm thick as the tower base, and 80-cm to 120-cm thick under other areas. The main structure of the tower is constructed with reinforced concrete core walls and composite structural steel/reinforced concrete columns.

Additionally, the typical tower flooring is constructed with structural steel trusses and beams topped with concrete in the office area, and reinforced concrete beam/slab structure. For its main features, it prides itself of two fancy panoramic elevators which will travel at 6 m/s, overlooking the Gulf panorama through a full-height glazed curtain wall.

A great part of its body is covered with unitized curtain wall forming the outer skin of the areas allotted for offices. The tower is also served by 6 passenger elevators that travel at 6 m/s, equipped with multimedia screens, dispatch controlled, meeting at the superbly finished lift lobbies in every floor.

The Project is equipped with 3 more elevators in the podium levels, and advanced, well-finished six escalators for the shopper's convenience. Equipped with state of the art technology in IP communication, security, control and audio-visual services, it will be connected to a parking area, across Al-Sour Street by a pedestrian overpass bridge at the first mezzanine level.

The electro-mechanical services are located in the two basements, some in the ground floor, mezzanine II and on its roof, as well as in floors 21 and 37. Its architecture is polished in detail, and the materials, upgraded to create a unique style and an interior identity of quality and excellence. Special equipment have been developed, custom designed to respond to the challenge imposed by the twist tower, in curtain wall's cleaning and maintenance.

The ACI-KC group were so impressed after having been toured around by no less than Mr. Waleed Barakat, the Project Manager who was kind enough, along with his team to guide and lead the visiting delegation. In addition to a guided tour, Dr. Mohammad Shalabi from Al-Jazera Consultants made a presentation on the Al-Tijaria Tower.

True enough, the learning generated from the visit can be counted as another memorable experience for the ACI-KC members. The group conducted the site visit on the 23rd of March 2009.

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ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project

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