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Egaila Pump Station Visit

Egaila pump station is located within a 100 x 150 m plot in Egaila area The pump station is designed by the joint venture of Parson Engineering Science with GULF CONSULT and owned by MPW-Kuwait, It consists of Administration Building, Substation, Valve Chamber and 45m deep, fully equipped Heavy Pump Station structure.

Construction of this under ground structure has taken more than five years with enormous effort and engineering tactics. It has had to cope with a wide range of excavation problems such as high level ground water table, large number of cavities and variations in Soil types. Shoring has been installed comprising of Piles and using almost 1000 lateral anchors in the complete perimeter of the excavation. Heavy dewatering was another critical activity.

To cope with the Uplifting Pressures and considering the depth of the Pump Station the base and wall thickness at the base was provided as 3m.The total quantity of K500 concrete used in the Project is around 65000 m3. Water proofing works consisting of two layers each 5mm thick bituminous membrane. Heavy duty electro-mechanical equipments were selected for suitability and long life.

Gravity sewer lines of dia 1200 and 2250 mm with deep manholes were laid using the Micro tunneling to connects the pump station. All structures above the ground level are fully cladded with expensive selected material to provide a better view and to suit the Kuwait climate.

Due to this project of Kuwait catchments areas such as Fahaheel, Mangaf, Abuhalifa, Mahboula, Fintas and Riqqa will be benefitted to drain their sewage water.

In conclusion, the pump station will operate with 4 lifting+4 transfer heavy duty pumps to discharge 4200L/sec of sewage water to the Riqqa WWTP by 3 No's of 1400 mm dia pressure lines. Moreover the operation is fully automatic with Distributed Control System monitored through computers by the Engineers.

Particular attention has been paid to avoid environmental impact by adopting sympathetic architectural design, sound attenuation and state of the art odor treatment plant.

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