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The First Middle East Workshop for the Manufacturing of FRP Rebar
(C-Bar) for Reinforcing Concrete Structures

On Wednesday, 7th November 2012, the Technical Committee of the ACI - Kuwait Chapter sponsored and participated in organizing and conducting a technical workshop under the title of "The First Middle East Workshop for the Manufacturing of FRP Rebar (C-Bar) for Reinforcing Concrete Structures". The event was arranged by Alarjan Company and was held in the Movenpick Hotel. In addition to ACI-KC, the event was also cosponsored by the Kuwait Society of Engineers and KPMG.

The event was arranged to introduce the construction industry in Kuwait to the Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Rebars, as a substitute to the conventional steel bars. FRP bars are stronger than steel, lighter, more sustainable and more durable as they are not subjected to corrosion. The material will be manufactured in Kuwait during 2013 by Alarjan company and Marshall Composite Technologies, which is the leading manufacturer of this material in the USA.

The workshop started by a welcome note from Alarjan and Marshall Composites, followed by a welcome by the US embassy submitted by Mr. Dao Le. A presentation entitled "Overview of Composites, ACI 440 and Life Cycle Costing" was then presented by Mr. Charlie McClaskey, senior consultant, Marshall; followed by a presentation entitled "Feasibility Study Highlights- Implementation in Kuwait and GCC/MENA ", submitted by Dr. Rasheed Al Qenae, KPMG.

This was then followed by another presentation entitled "Kuwait Durability and Sustainability Issues and Research", submitted by Dr. Moetaz El-Hawary, Chairperson of the Technical Committee, ACI-KC.

"Use of FRP Materials for Infrastructure, North American Bridge Database" was the title of the next presentation submitted by Mr. Tom Ohnstad, Director of Engineering, Marshall Composites. The last presentation was submitted by Mr. Derek Schesser, University of Miami and was entitled "Designing with GFRP Rebar". The presentations were followed by discussion and lunch.

In order to assure maximum benefits to engineers, the whole morning session was repeated again in the afternoon. The afternoon session was followed by a question and answer session with Dr. Brahim Benmokrane of the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, via video conference.

The event attracted a large number of ACI- Kuwait chapter members and interested audience from both the governmental and private sectors, that exceeded 150 between the two sessions.

Click here to view photos taken at the event.

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