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Concrete Diwanya, already an ACI-KC's tradition

Already becoming a tradition to the ACI-KC, a concrete forum was held on Sunday, November 30th, 2008. Better known as diwaniya in Kuwait, this is a venue for socialization among people who love to gather together and discuss varied topics.

Diwaniya for ACI-KC members means having to brainstorm and draw ideas and insights on a subject related to concrete in an open, informal and friendly environment. The topic for discussion harbored on "New trends and Modern Innovations in Concrete Admixtures."

A group of 30 engineers of different disciplines from the academe, research, contracting, site, specification and material specialization pooled together to discuss on the performance of migrating admixtures such as the corrosion inhibitors along with their dosages, types, drawbacks, effectiveness and experiences. Self-healing admixtures, such as the crystalline forming admixtures were also deliberated on, knowing that the applications of these materials have been found to be very limited in Kuwait. Also discussed were internal curing admixtures and disadvantages of some types of admixtures.

The idea of modifying the common definition of admixtures to include coatings and migrating materials, as long as they modify the concrete behavior and properties, was also given priority in the discussion.

Alongside, experiences in other countries were also addressed and compared to the Kuwaiti experience.

The one-and a half-hour Diwaniya was followed by a dinner. The Diwanya was held in the (KSE) premises.

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