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ACI Students Activities 2014

Under the umbrella of the ACI-Kuwait Chapter, students' activities in Kuwait University have been resumed. The ACI Scientific Club in Kuwait University's College of Engineering has been formed under the supervision of Dr. Moetaz El-Hawary, faculty member and Chairperson of the ACI-KC Students' Committee. The Board of Directors of ACI-KC Students' Committee comprises Osama Azzam (President), Khelaif Al Jenfawy (Vice President), Nour Al Mutairi (Vice President), Talal Al Rekhais and Abdullah Al Mutairi. The Committee started its activities with a membership drive, and currently there are over 200 student members. Various sub-committees and respective chairpersons were designated:

The ACI-KC Students' Committee activities, which are listed on Instagram (Aciq8), include competitions and video contributions by some Kuwait University faculty members. In the past ACI Students have organized various activities like :

  • Field trip to Sulaibiya Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Seminar entitled "Book Story" written by two best seller authors Abdulwahab Al Saied and Tasneed Al Mathkour

  • The ACI students committee participated in the open day activities under the theme of "Wild West" which attracted a large crowd.

  • Seminar entitled "Small Businesses" where two speakers, Mohamed Al Seriae and Bader Al Tahous, shared their experience in this field.

  • The students will distribute helmets to members. This event is sponsored by the Commercial bank.
Public Relations: Soliman Al Howaidi
Internet and Electronics: Ghaith Al Ghaith
Students Activities: Ahoud Al Mutairi
Membership: Mohamed Al Dowaiser
Publicity: Ahmed Al Kandary

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