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First Symposium of Concrete in Kuwait

As promoting dissemination of information and encouraging continuous education are the main components of the ACI - Kuwait Chapter mission, the chapter has participated in sponsoring the First Symposium of Concrete in Kuwait.

The event was held in Sheraton Hotel on the 21st and 22nd of October, 2008.

The event was organized by Bubiyan Ready Mix and Index companies. The president of the ACI-KC, Dr. Hasan Kamal, delivered the ACI-KC opening speech and Dr. Moetaz El-Hawary, the chairperson of the Technical Committee, presented a seminar entitled "ACI Kuwait Chapter's Technical Reports" where he talked about the chapter's technical activities with emphasis on the technical guides.

ACI-KC Director Dr. Khaldoun Rahal presented a seminar entitled Concrete with Future Emphasizing Sustainability of the Concrete Industry and the Use of a More 'Green' Concrete. On the second day of the activity, Dr. Moetaz participated in presenting a workshop entitled "Hot Weather Concreting: Materials and Special Considerations".

The successful event has attracted a large number of engineers and was highly appraised by the attendees. ACI-KC was represented by the chapter's vice president, Ms. Hayfa Al-Mudhaf in the opening ceremonies. The American Society of Safety Engineers was the organizer of this affair. Pictures attest to the success of the activity.

ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Excellence
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Achievement
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project

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