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High Performance Micro-silica Concrete for Marine and Harbour Applications

The Technical Committee of ACI - Kuwait Chapter in collaboration with Alghanim Specialties Company WLL organised and held a seminar under the above title. It was presented by Robert Lewis, the Technical Manager for Elkem Materials-Norway.

The Seminar was prompted with an opening statement by Eng. Mr. Khalifa Al-Fadhalah. In his statement Eng. Al-Fadhalah presented an abridged profile of Alghanim Specialties Company. Dr. Moetaz El-Hawary gave a short over view of ACI Kuwait Chapter and its activities and introduced the Speaker Mr. Robert Lewis.

The speaker maintained that, the durability of the structure depends not only on the durability of the concrete, but also on all aspects of the design and the workmanship. Creation of mixes containing micro-silica to various proportions and the use of various blends of different types of cement can result in the desired overall concrete quality.

If the design and workmanship of micro-silica concrete are handled properly, the desired long term durability and service life can be achieved with:
Dense Microstructure, Low Permeability, Improved Resistance to Chloride Ion Penetration, Increased Electrical Resistivity, Improved Resistance to: Chemical Attack, Abrasion and Erosion , Frost and Scaling, Alkali-Aggregate Reactions, Sulfate Attack and Steel Corrosion Resistance.

At the end of the seminar there was a general discussion during which Mr. Lewis responded to various questions. The Seminar was held at Alghanim Specialties Company auditorium - Shuwaikh on Sunday 7th Feb. 2010.

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