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The 11 Mechanisms of Corrosion/Destruction of Concrete

On 14th April, 2015, Mr. Ken Howes, Technical Manager of Cementaid UK Limited, conducted a technical seminar on 'The 11 Mechanisms of Corrosion/Destruction of Concrete'. Cementaid UK, an international company founded in 1954, specializes in the manufacture of advanced admixtures for concrete.

In his presentation, Mr. Howes expounded on the wide range of chemical and physical processes involved in the different mechanisms of concrete deterioration. He noted that all mechanisms shared a 'common denominator' which is the route cause of premature corrosion or degradation of concrete.

He also presented a simple hypothesis that if we can reliably produce concrete that does not allow water ingress and which will remain inherently 'dry' during its service life, none of these mechanisms can occur.

A lively question and answer session followed the presentation.

The seminar was held at the premises of Gulf Consult in Shuwaikh, and many ACI-KC members attended.

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