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Problems, Solutions and Safety concerning Self climbing Formworks
of High Rise Buildings with Emphasis on Burj Dubai

The ACI-Kuwait Chapter and Doka Kuwait, the formwork experts, Division of Riham invited the Kuwaiti Site Engineers, Projects Managers, Consultants and Owners on Tuesday November 17th 2009 to an interesting seminar.

The speaker on this issue was Martin Hoerlesberger, Doka Project Manager on duty for Super High rise Systems at the Burj Dubai Tower, assisted by Eng. Frank Richter, Managing Director, Doka Kuwait.

Burj Dubai

Martin Hoerlesberger presented the experience of Doka, during the construction of structural concrete on the world highest tower "Burj Dubai" from the "inside" of the construction process, emphasis on the requirements and challenges to successfully planning and using automatic climbing formwork systems for the construction of
  • Walls & wing walls, involving 5,000 m2 (or 1.2 km length) of wall forms with 4m height.
  • Set-up of the system to provide full safety (wall and slab formwork enclosure for at least three floor levels ahead) by using a newly developed exterior self climbing and wind permeable protection screen for extreme heights and wind loads.
  • The time saving installation of reinforcement steel and the installation of huge outrigger steel beams and the impact on the formwork design
  • Logistic set-up to ensure a smooth operation on a typical 3 day per floor cycle
  • strengthening of the formwork corners
  • Solutions for Jumps of the Wall thickness and inclined Walls
  • Solutions for modifications of the geometry, design and radius of the building
  • The advantages of strong and wide "internal working and storing platforms" instead of small casting brackets
  • Solution for close rooms, like lift shafts and close workspace
  • Flexible suspension points
New Products for High rise

As a result of the Burj Dubai experience with great height and the ever increasing demand for solving more and more complex high rise structures, the latest developments in new systems for crane-independent high rise constructions and safety systems have been presented. These include (just to name a few):
  • Formwork & exterior enclosure (screen) application.
  • Standard (rentable) solutions for supporting & lifting the concrete placing boom (CPB) with automatic climbing formwork systems.
  • Self climbing platforms for safe facade installation that allow for adjustment into leaning & inclined structures.
  • Suspended permanent access into climbing systems raising ahead.
  • New self climbing platforms to raise small & tight shafts of core wall.
Update on new high rise projects

Details on the formwork solutions for some of the super high rise buildings currently under construction within the GCC have been presented.
  • Towers such as the 425 m high "Marina 101" using Doka's most advanced climbing platform SCP 400.
  • "Elite Tower" using the "Table lift System" for shifting all of the slab support tables completely independent from the crane from one use to the next floor.
  • "Elite Tower" using the "Exterior facade platforms" permanently suspended from the auto climbing system

High rise buildings and super high rise buildings fascinate not only engineers. They represent now and then the performance of a whole country. These major building sites challenge huge demands on logistic, risk management, material and staff and require innovative and reliable, flexible and durable solutions. The solution has to fit perfectly. That's why a cooperation and teamwork with all persons concerned at the earliest possible date is indispensible to save time and money, to optimize the staff and the attendant expenses and to succeed. On the one hand due to the sustainability and the durability and on the other hand due to the higher initial costs of self climbing formwork it is practical to depreciate the initial costs in several years.

Expression of thanks

The Doka Formwork company would like to thank all 103 participants for the huge interest, we thank particularly Dr. Hasan Ali Kh. Kamal (ACI-KC board member) and Dr. Moetaz Maher El-Hawary (ACI-KC vice president) for the invitation and MR Safwat M. Azmi (ACI-KC office manager) for his support.

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