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ACI-Kuwait Chapter and Kuwait University Seminar

The Department of Civil Engineering of Kuwait University (KU) co-sponsored with ACI-KC a seminar entitled "Evaluation of Compressive Strength of Drilled Concrete Cores."

The presentor was ACI-KC director and past president, Khaldoun Rahal, Professor of Civil Engineering at KU. Highlighted were the concept of concrete strength and current provisions for acceptance of core results in the ACI code and the background of the development of these criteria.

The whys core results are invariably lower than standard cylinder and cube samples, and how the results are affected by factors such as the direction of coring, the size of members where the cores are drilled from, the type of cement and aggregate, the age of concrete, the concrete strength, the presence of reinforcing bars in the cores, and the core size and its height to diameter ratio were also tackled during the seminar.

As well, the lecture also focused on the construction practices and why the cores drilled from concrete produced in Kuwait fail in meeting the requirements.

A question and answer forum followed the lecture.

The activity was held on February 14th, 2009 at the Kuwait Society of Engineers, and was attended by more than fifty persons, the majority, being members of the Chapter.

ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Excellence
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Achievement
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project

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