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Porous Concrete: Uses, Properties, Benefits and Constituents

A technical seminar entitled "POROUS CONCRETE: USES, PROPERTIES, BENEFITS AND CONSTITUENTS" was held on Wednesday, 21st of October 2009.

The seminar was presented by the current vice president and president of ACI-Kuwait Chapter, Prof. Moetaz El-Hawary, research scientist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. The event was held in the Kuwait Society of Engineers and was attended by a large number of engineers.

Dr. Moetaz mentioned that Porous concrete consists of a specially formulated mixture of Portland cement, uniform open graded aggregate and water, with void space ranges between 15% to 22% compared to 3% to 5% for conventional concrete. As the developing land for residential, commercial and industrial use carries the detrimental effect of vastly increasing the amount of impervious area as land is paved to create roads and parking lots, the importance of using porous concrete pavements is increasing.

He focused on the many benefits of pervious concrete that include, but not limited to, reducing the amount of impervious cover, reducing peak velocity and volume of storm water, recharging ground water supply and filtering contaminates from runoff water. Pervious concrete pavements also requires less curbing and less storm water sewers beside reducing the urban heat island phenomenon, which has a considerable impact on sustainability and energy conservation.

In this seminar Dr. Moetaz discussed the different uses of pervious concrete along with the resulting benefits and advantages. Required constituent materials, mix design precautions, mechanical and physical specifications, construction techniques, inspection and testing procedures, were also discussed. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

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