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Design Aspects of Blast Proof Buildings in Petrochemical Industrial Areas

The Technical Committee of the ACI - Kuwait Chapter organized and conducted a seminar under the title of Design aspects of blast proof buildings in petrochemical industrial areas.

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Shalaby Chief Structural Engineer Al-Jazera Consultants addressed the process plants in the petrochemical industry handle hydrocarbons and other fuels that can produce accidental explosions. Although such instances may be very rare, they can be very severe resulting many casualties and big financial losses. In order to minimize these aspects, blast design criteria should be respected in the construction of new facilities. These criteria include architecture, structural and mechanical aspects.

This presentation focuses on some of the structural aspects of the design of buildings subjected to blasts from petrochemical explosions. The process includes quantifying the blast loads, setting the performance of the structure and designs the structure to withstand the blast loads.

The event took place on Sunday, 16th May 2010 at Kuwait Society of Engineers.

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