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Strengthening Concrete with CFRP

The Department of Civil Engineering at Kuwait University and the ACI-Kuwait Chapter jointly organized a seminar entitled "Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams for shear using near-surface mounted CFRP and conventional steel bars."

The seminar was presented by ACI-KC director and Past President Khaldoun Rahal, Professor of Civil Engineering at Kuwait University. The event took place on January 14th, 2008 at the Kuwait Society of Engineers.

The seminar highlighted the common cases where the loading capacity of beams needs to be increased (or restored), and the importance of giving proper consideration not only flexural but also shear strengthening.

A relatively new technique -Near Surface Mounted Reinforcing- that can be used for shear strengthening was described. The results of a comprehensive test program to evaluate this strengthening procedure were presented, showing that it increase the shear strength of beams, reduced the crack width at service load levels, and changed the mode of failure from a brittle shear failure to a more ductile flexural mode.

The seminar was followed by a question-answer period which turned into an interesting discussion of the subject of strengthening and repair.

ACI - Kuwait Chapter Award of Excellence
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Award for Infrastructure Project
ACI - Kuwait Chapter Special Recognition Award

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